Major Requirements

Current Requirements

Students must complete 30 credit hours in American Studies, including Introduction to American Studies, eight upper-level courses, and a Senior Seminar. Of the eight upper-level courses, up to two courses may be taken from different departments, either on campus or through an off-campus Notre Dame program, as long as they are cross-listed with American Studies or otherwise approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Major Requirements Course Level Credits
Introduction to American Studies 20000 level 3
8 Upper Level courses; 6 must be taught by AMST faculty, 2 may be taken outside of the department 30000 level 24
Senior Seminar* 40000 level  3
Senior Thesis (optional) - The Thesis: Theory, Method, and Composition 40000 level 6

We encourage you to take a variety of courses from a variety of instructors. You may take only up to two outside courses (and no, you don’t have to take any, although they still represent a great opportunity). You may count up to two study abroad or Washington DC courses towards the major, as long as they have been approved. Such courses will count towards your maximum of two outside courses.

* Students writing a thesis and thus enrolled in The Senior Thesis, AMST 43909, have the option to take, as their tenth class required for the major, either a senior seminar or an additional "inside" 30000-level class.