Teaching and Research Faculty in American Studies

Annie Coleman
Associate Professor

1045 Flanner Hall; (574) 631-0389

Kathleen Cummings
Associate Professor
1040 Flanner; (574) 631-3732

Erika Doss


1043 Flanner Hall; (574) 631-2706

Korey Garibaldi
Assistant Professor
1036 Flanner Hall; (574) 631-1254

Benedict Giamo

Associate Professor

1039 Flanner Hall; (574) 631-7142


Perin Gurel

Assistant Professor

1035 Flanner Hall; (574) 631-0250


Jennifer Huynh

Adjunct Assistant Professor

1047 Flanner Hall; (574) 631-7316

Jason Ruiz

Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

1041 Flanner; (574) 631-2168

Robert Schmuhl


Walter H. Annenberg-Edmund P. Joyce Professor of

American Studies and Journalism

1037 Flanner Hall; (574) 631-5128

Thomas Tweed

Professor, Chair

W. Harold and Martha Welch Endowed Chair in American Studies

1044 Flanner Hall; (574) 631-9721


Sophie White

Associate Professor

1042 Flanner Hall; (574) 631-6529


Robert Walls
Assistant Professional Specialist

Teaching Professor of American Studies
1038 Flanner


John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy Faculty


Jack Colwell
Adjunct Associate Professor

Richard Jones
Director of John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy

Jason Kelly
Concurrent Assistant Professional Specialist

Robert Schmuhl

Walter H. Annenberg-Edmund P. Joyce Chair in American Studies and Journalism

Victoria St. Martin
Distinguished Visiting Journalist



Concurrent Faculty in American Studies


Gail Bederman, Associate Professor, Department of History


Catherine Cangany, Associate Professor, Department of History


Gilberto Cardenas, Professor, Department of Sociology

Jon Coleman, Professor, Department of History

Brian CollierAssociate Professional Specialist, Alliance for Catholic Education

James Collins, Professor, Department of Film, Television, and Theater

Dennis Doordan, Professor, School of Architecture

Stephen Fredman, Professor, Department of English

Patrick Griffin, Professor, Department of History

Sandra Gustafson, Professor, Department of English

Eugene Halton, Professor, Department of Sociology

Darlene Hampton, First Year of Studies

Cyraina Johnson-Roullier, Associate Professor, Department of English

Jennifer Jones, Assistant Professor Department of Sociology

Michael Kackman, Associate Professional Specialist, Film, Television, and Theatre

Mary Celeste Kearney, Associate Professor, Film, Television, and Theatre

Jason Kelly, Asst Professional Specialist, Notre Dame Magazine

Mary Ellen Konieczny, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Katie Marshall, Associate Professor, Department of English

Timothy Matovina, Professor, Department of Theology

Terry McDonnell, Concurrent Assistant Professorm, Department of Sociology

John McGreevy, Professor, Department of History

Rebecca McKenna, Assistant Professor, Department of History

Susan Ohmer, Associate Professor, Department Film, Television, and Theatre

Richard Pierce, Associate Professor, History

Dianne Pinderhughes, Professor, Department of Africana Studies

Valerie Sayers, Professor, Department of English

Kerry Temple, Concurrent Professor, Notre Dame Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Laura Dassow Walls, Professor, Department of English

Matthew Wilkens, Assistant Professor, Department of English

Pamela Wojcik, Professor, Department of Film, Television and Theatre


Emeriti Faculty in American Studies

Thomas J. Schlereth
Professor Emeritus

Ronald Weber
Professor  Emeritus