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It's All in the Game

April 25, 2012 Amanda Gray

Role-playing games still attract face-to-face players

Whenever I walk into the Griffon in downtown South Bend, I can't help but notice the smell.

It smells full -- full of cards, cardboard boxes, books, dice and all the other items used in playing games of all types.

And always behind the counter is either Ken Peczkowski or Sarah Bird, depending on which day of the week you open the door to the shop, which has been a downtown fixture since the couple opened it in 1976.

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A&L Grads Compete in Business

April 25, 2012 Durbin, Kristin

When senior Mitch Gainer began interviewing for a position with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), he expected most of his peers to have studied business during their undergraduate careers.

But as he progressed through the interview process, Gainer, an economics major, said he noticed a majority of the interviewees had educational backgrounds grounded in the liberal arts. Read More >