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In a hurry to take things slowly: How Italian culture could shape the conclave

March 19, 2013 Kier Simmons

Originally published by NBC News, featuring an interview with American Studies professor, Kathy Cummings

ROME — In this country, where they love to talk, there are many views on how long the cardinals will take to choose the next pope.  Read More >

The Learning Launch Pad

March 05, 2013 Madeline Stone

Originally published in Scholastic on February 28, 2013

The modern textbook may not be a book at all. A new pilot program has students accessing course material using iPads leased from the bookstore. In English and law professor Elliott Visconsi’s class, “Introduction to the First Amendment: Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age,” students contribute to a digital textbook created through iTunes U, supplementing legal documents and other informational content with their own opinion on issues relating to the First Amendment. Read More >

Professor forms reading group

March 05, 2013 Marisa Iati

Originally published in The Observer on January 28, 2013 

Students and faculty members eager to learn about a rapidly growing style of reporting will find an outlet in the literary journalism reading group, which meets for the first time today. Read More >

Rising AMST journalists keeping campus informed

March 05, 2013 Katie Schlotfeldt

Given the long-standing ties between American Studies and Journalism, it is no surprise that many American Studies students are bringing their writing talents to the Notre Dame news circuit. Below are the links to a number of news stories written by American Studies majors, helping to keep Notre Dame faculty, staff, and students informed. Read More >