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Obama's campaign mission: Protect his legacy, pummel Republicans - oh, and elect Hillary Clinton

October 26, 2016 Jacob McKenna

Prof. Bob Schmuhl discussed the role of President Obama in the 2016 presidential campiagn in "Obama's campaign mission: Protect his legacy, pummel Republicans - oh, and elect Hillary Clinton," published on Monday in the Los Angeles Times. Here is an excerpt of the article: 

"Obama's vigorous campaigning for Hillary Clinton is a new dimension of the modern presidency,” said Robert Schmuhl, professor of American studies and journalism at the University of Notre Dame. "What Obama is doing this fall makes him stand out from his predecessors in a vivid and distinctive way. He's using his approval ratings and campaign skills to create what he hopes will be a new kind of coattails." Read More >

Electing the President 2016: The View from Abroad

October 25, 2016 Robert Schmuhl

DUBLIN, Ireland — Being an American abroad these days provides someone with a perplexing yet recurring experience. Wherever you go, people beyond our shores want to know why the American presidential campaign is approaching its conclusion as a political popularity contest between two historically unpopular candidates. Read More >

‘Exiled Children’ and the Easter Rising: America and Irish Independence

October 25, 2016 Jacob McKenna

Prof. Bob Schmuhl spent his fall break sharing his knowledge abroad in Ireland the the UK. He appeared on RTÉ News in Ireland and gave a lecture on his book, Ireland's Exiled Children, at Oxford University as a part of the Rothermere American Institute's  American History Research Seminar series.

Watch the full lecture here Read More >

Trump comments on election legitimacy are 'unguided'

October 21, 2016 Rebecca Corrente

During his visit to Ireland, American Studies Professor Robert Schmuhl visited RTÉ News to discuss Trump's comments during the final debate regarding the legitimacy of the election results and the impact of those comments on the presidential race..  Could there be a silent vote out there for Trump that will carry him to victory?  Watch the interview here. Read More >

Clinton targets votes in Arizona, Georgia and Texas

October 20, 2016 Rebecca Corrente

From the Morning Ireland studios in Dublin, American Studies' Bob Schmuhl analyzes last night's presidential debate.  Listen to the interview from RTÉs Radio 1 Read More >

Morning Ireland - "What kind of presidency will emerge from the US election campaign?"

October 11, 2016 Jacob McKenna

Professor Bob Schmuhl appeared on Morning Ireland on Tuesday to discuss the second presidential debate, the next four weeks of the campaign, and this election's impact on the future of American politics. Listen to the segment here. (Scroll down near the middle of the page to find the player) Read More >

Continuity and Change: The Irish Role in American Politics

October 10, 2016 Jacob McKenna

Professor Bob Schmuhl wrote a piece for Irish America about the role of Irish politicians and citizens in the American political system.

By Bob Schmuhl - Published 10.2016 in Irish America


For the second straight White House election, the Democratic and Republican candidates for vice president grew up in strong Irish American and Catholic families. Eyebrow-arching in itself, the fact that these four figures share a similar heritage helps illustrate what you might call the Irish political diaspora within the U.S. From the time of the Great Hunger through the early decades of the 20th century, the American Irish tended to be nearly as faithful to the Democratic Party as to the Catholic Church. Big-city political organizations worked with machine-like efficiency, delivering goods, services and jobs to recent immigrants from Ireland and elsewhere. These new Americans said thank you with their Democratic votes on Election Day. Read More >

Mike Pence: A Meteoric Rise but a Controversial Political Past

October 10, 2016 Jacob McKenna

Professor Bob Schmuhl provides insight into the rise of Mike Pence despite his controversial political record in Indiana.

By Jacob Rund - Published 10.9.2016 in Roll Call


As Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reels from widespread backlash concerning lewd comments he made in 2005 about women, several Republican members of Congress are suggesting his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, should replace him. Read More >

Electing the President 2016: Political Soul-Searching

October 10, 2016 Robert Schmuhl

Editor’s note: Head of state, chief diplomat, commander-in-chief, guardian of the economy – Americans are fixing to elect another president, so we asked Notre Dame’s in-house pundit to put the moment, the issues, the candidates and the choices in context and perspective. Bob Schmuhl’s commentary on American politics and journalism frequently appears in major print and broadcast outlets in the U.S. and abroad. His exclusive observations on the 2016 presidential election will run on Read More >

Extreme Measures

October 07, 2016 Jacob McKenna

Following the publishing of his new book, Fifty Years with Father Hesburgh, Prof. Bob Schmuhl has continued to write about Fr. Hesburgh, his accomplishments, and his role in political history. The latest edition of Notre Dame Magazine features "Extreme Measures," an article by Prof. Schmuhl about Fr. Hesburgh, President Lyndon Johnson, the Civil RIghts Act of 1964, and their effects on today's political climate. Read More >

Bentsen-Quayle: a comparison on experience led to the slow burn of a candidate

October 04, 2016 Jacob McKenna

In the newest installment of the 2016 ND Election Forum's video series, Prof. Schmuhl provides commentary on the 1988 Vice Presidential debate between Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle and its significance in the election. Watch the video here. Read More >

Pence, Kaine have sharply different goals in VP debate

October 04, 2016 Jacob McKenna

Ahead of tonight's Vice Presidential debate, Prof. Bob Schmuhl provided analysis of the two candidates'  debate goals in the USA Today article, "Pence, Kaine have sharply different goals in VP debate," published this morning. Read the full article here Read More >