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Obama criticises Trump's response following Orlando shooting

June 16, 2016 Rebecca Corrente

Bob Schmuhl, Professor of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame, says the US is witnessing 'a rhetorical arms race' between President Obama and Donald Trump.  Listen to Schmuhl's analysis of the situation on this Morning Ireland Read More >

Trump shuts out The Washington Post: How did we get here?

June 15, 2016 Rebecca Corrente

In an article by 2016 Notre Dame American Studies graduate Gretel Kauffman, Robert Schmuhl comments on Donald Trump's latest anti-media activity.

The Washington Post is the latest publication to have its press credentials revoked by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a pattern that experts say is unprecedented and yet not unexpected.  Read More >

"Last Word: An Irish Rebel Girl" by Bob Schmuhl

June 14, 2016 Rebecca Corrente

By Robert Schmuhl, Contributor
June / July 2016
Irish America

A laudable feature of this year’s Easter Rising commemorations is the conscientious effort to recognize the role women played in the insurrection for independence. Books, articles, and documentaries present the distaff side of history, creating (if you will) the “her” story of 1916. Read More >

Media spreads Trump's anti-media message

June 02, 2016 Rebecca Corrente

Bob Schmuhl comments on Donald Trump's shrewd use of the media.  Read the article here. Read More >