Congratulations to Jason Ruiz

May 27, 2009 Arts and Letters

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Jason Ruiz

Jason Ruiz won the Latin American Studies Association’s Best Dissertation in Latino Studies Award for his dissertation, “Americans in the Treasure House: Travel to Mexico in the Popular Imagination of the United States, 1876-1920” 

Ruiz’s research examines representations of travel to Mexico that circulated in the United States during the presidency of Porfirio Díaz (1876-1910, known as the “Porfiriato”), a period marked by massive foreign investment and Mexico’s rapid—though incomplete—modernization. It argues that travel was an important practice for the popular conceptualization of Mexico as a place in which to extend the Western frontier, famously lamented as “closed” by historian Frederick Jackson Turner in the 1893.

Ruiz is currently revising his dissertation into a book manuscript.