Learning Beyond the Classroom: Internships in American Studies

University of Notre Dame – Notre Dame, IN

Here is what many of our majors (but not all) have done over previous summers.


Sarah Cahalan

Music Mentor, Notre Dame Vision, Notre Dame, IN

This summer, I worked as a music mentor with the Notre Dame Vision program. Vision is a series of summer conferences for high school students on Christian vocational discernment. As a music mentor, I helped with music ministry throughout the summer and performed in three musicals per week in addition to leading small groups of high school students. It wasn't the most relevant-to-my-majors summer job in the world, but it was a very fun, rewarding experience. It also gave me a lot of insight and tools for applying my faith to all areas of my life, even my AMST classes!

Courtney Cox

Intern, CBS This Morning, New York, NY

I spent this summer in New York interning for CBS This Morning. It was great because I was able to learn so much about what is and isn't chosen for a national news broadcast. It was definitely an incredible experience seeing the difficult task producers have of making complicated subject matter intelligible for tv.

Kristen Durbin

Medical Volunteer, International Summer Service Learning Program, El Salvador

This summer, I did an ISSLP in El Salvador and spent 8 weeks working with a Salvadoran medical team in the rural western part of the country. It was a really great experience, and I definitely had some opportunities for making comparisons between Salvadoran and American food, culture, history, politics and society in general. I'm now in an anthropology course that will help me integrate that experience into a website project by the end of the semester.

Casey Easley

Intern, Burns Entertainment, Chicago, IL

This summer I interned at Burns Entertainment, where I did celebrity sports and entertainment public relations. It was very important to know everything that was going on with current events, and my writing skills through American Studies were crucial to the projects, reports, and emails that I had to complete daily.

Mary Frailey

Irish Language Immersion, Carraroe, Ireland

During my five weeks in Ireland I lived with a host family on the west coast in a small Irish speaking town named Carraroe. This experience was closely tied to American Studies because I was constantly learning perceptions and misconceptions about America abroad. This trip has sparked an interest for me in possibly doing a senior thesis about Irish-learning Americans. It was a wonderful experience and I could not be more excited to return to Ireland this spring.

Betty Graham

Intern, Facets Multi-Media, Chicago, IL

I worked in Chicago at a place called Facets Multi-Media. I worked closely with the children's summer film camp which used both my FTT and AMST majors, double win! I also worked with the Childrens

Jury at the tail end of the summer. Facets puts on a Childrens International Film Festival every october and the jury was basically kids coming into Facets, watching and rating films.

Chris Herlihy

Eisenhower Internship Program, Strategy Department, Republican National Committee

I participated in the Eisenhower Internship Program at the Republican National Committee. I worked for ten weeks in the Strategy Department; there, I worked in election data and mapping. I organized and retrieved election data and information from every state and learned to use various statistical and mapping software. I also participated in get out the vote and phone banking efforts for events such as the Scott Walker recall election and others. I also attended "Campaign School", which is a program that instructs people that plan to work in Campaign centers around the country. This resonated with American Studies because it really taught me about the system of politics--and more specifically, presidential campaigns, that runs America. I became more familiar with our Capital City as well as with the political process as a whole, something that we've talked about in my classes.

Maris Iati

Features Department Intern, New York Daily News, New York, NY

This summer, I worked as an intern in the features department of the New York Daily News. In addition to making listings of free and cheap activities around the city, I wrote approximately 15 stories about subjects ranging from a local French market to an actress making her Broadway debut to a man who collects people's stories in cities nationwide. I learned to adapt my writing style for feature stories in a city tabloid, to ask questions that provoked compelling and quotable answers, to craft stories and change plans on short notice, and to work in a team. The experience resonated with my American Studies major because I learned a lot about one subsection of the American media and I improved my communication skills and writing versatility.

Maria Kosse

Malta House, Bridgeport, CT

Art Teacher, Cardinal Shehan Center, Bridgeport, CT

This summer I completed an SSLP in Norwalk and Bridgeport, CT. For the first four weeks I worked at the Malta House, a shelter for homeless women who are also mothers, and for the final four weeks I served as an art teacher at a day camp through the Cardinal Shehan Center in Bridgeport. This experience resonated with my American Studies major because I was exposed to variations of race, sexuality, gender, socioeconomic class levels, etc. and observed the way that these topics intersected in the people that I met and worked with. I also did reading and reflection on these issues in accordance with the class requirements set forth by the CSC, allowing me to draw connections between these issues on a wider scale (connecting what I experienced and observed to wider issues affecting the American population).

Caroline Lang

Intern, albermarle Magazine, Charlottesville, VA

I worked as an intern at albemarle Magazine in Charlottesville, VA. albemarle is a lifestyle magazine for the Central Virginia region. It was a very small office, so I was able to get involved with many different aspects of the paper, including (LOTS of) copy editing, some layout/design, and I was even able to write one of the two main features for the issue--an excerpt of which can be found under "Inside this Issue" on the website. Not only did I get a lot of practical experience in publishing (my intended career) but I also gained a deeper understanding of Virginia history and culture.

Lauren McGrath

Counselor, Camp Sweeney, Dallas, TX

Counselor, Campe Kesem, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

I worked in Dallas at a summer camp for 11 weeks, along with 40 other Notre Dame students. Camp Sweeney is the largest camp in the world for children with diabetes. Sweeney provides an awesome summer camp experience for kids, while keeping fun and good control in the spotlight. Before each meal, snack, and bedtime, we tested their blood sugars, gave insulin shots, and monitored their blood sugar levels throughout the day. At Camp Sweeney, I learned about the lifelong consequences and hardships of diabetes, and the meaning of truly hard yet rewarding work. Immediately after Sweeney ended, I came back to ND to run Camp Kesem, a week-long summer camp for local kids whose parents have cancer. As Co-Chair for CK, I oversee the planning of camp, as well as fundraising $30,000 in order to make camp free for the families that attend.

Brian Metz

Manager, University of Notre Dame Baseball, Notre Dame, IN

This summer I stayed in scenic South Bend, Indiana taking classes at Notre Dame and working for the University's baseball program. During the school year I serve as the Senior Student Manager for ND baseball (working with the coaches to coordinate practices, games, travel, equipment issuing, etc), but during the summer we ran baseball camps and tournaments for little 'ball players ranging in age from 5 to 17.

Malcolm Mossman

Environmental Outreach Intern, Air Quality Program, Nez Perce Reservation, Idaho

This summer I spent 10 weeks on the Nez Perce Reservation in northern Idaho, working with their air quality program as an environmental outreach intern. My duties included community outreach, air quality monitoring and a final project. All three brought together the many skills and disciplines that American Studies teaches. I had to effectively communicate environmental and social ideas to the diverse native and non-native population of the reservation, clearly record and interpret air quality and environmental issues specific to the Nez Perce land and study an original topic of my choice to present at the end of the internship. I researched the idea of environmental optimism and how to fight the negativity that plagues American society when dealing with our environment. This research included personal outreach practices, the writing of two newspaper articles, and attending many webinars and environmental conferences. My American Studies background allowed me to address this issue from many angles and helped me clearly present it orally as well as textually.

Colin O’Neill

English Teacher, Seedling of Hope, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I spent my summer working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia studying international global development and education with children affected by HIV/AIDS. I traveled the country meeting with HIV-positive Cambodians, exploring the ways in which Southeast Asian development has had an impact (both positive and negative) on schooling and public health. My background in American Studies helped me to analyze Cambodian structures through a cultural and transnational lens, helping me to see the ways in which the United States plays a role in global development.

Emmy Pusateri

Research Assistant, Center for Research on Educational Opportunity (CREO), Notre Dame, IN

I worked as a research assistant in the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity. The focus of the study was the impact of the Indiana voucher program on private schools. I utilized my critical reading, writing and organization skills that I have learned from my major.

Linda Scheiber

Interpretive Park Ranger, New River Gorge National River, West Virginia

I spent my summer in West Virginia at New River Gorge National River, where I had an internship through the Student Conservation Association, an organization that offers internships across the country

in environmental positions. My official job title was "Interpretive Park Ranger," which meant that I would educate visitors about the park, whether that meant answering questions at the visitor center, informally talking to people on the trails, leading hikes, or presenting programs about the park before amphitheater productions. Because New River Gorge has a rich natural and cultural history, particularly concerning coal mining and logging, I was able to use my American Studies research, analysis, and question-asking skills to delve into the history of the area and incorporate multiple perspectives on issues when speaking with visitors.

Madeline Stone

Intern, Angeleno Magazine, Los Angeles, CA

This summer I worked as an intern in the editorial department of Angeleno Magazine, a lifestyle magazine in Los Angeles. I used my American Studies reading and writing skills as I proofread, analyzed, fact-checked and sometimes wrote stories for the magazine. I really used the close-reading skills that I've developed as an American Studies major, and I had a great time learning about fashion, entertainment, travel and food.

Kelly Taylor

Research Intern, The Late Show with David Letterman, New York, NY

I was a research intern at the Late Show with David Letterman in New York City. I researched celebrity guests before they appeared on the show in order for the producers to formulate an accurate and entertaining pre-interview. We also did a number of general production duties for the show, answered phones from high profile clientele and learned about the late night television process. (I am a double major in AMST and Television).

Mary Kate Veselik

Notre Dame Study Abroad, Rome, Italty

I studied abroad in Rome this summer! It was an awesome experience and gave me great insight on what it is like to live in another country (I have never been so thankful for air conditioning as when I got home!) The city was amazing, so similar to a modern American city, but the history was breathtaking. Since the United States is such a young country, it was incredible to see things that were so old in Europe. Around every corner, there was something more magnificent than the last! The best part of the whole experience was the food though of course! Pizza here will never be the same! Living in another country was a great experience, but it made me appreciate the way of life here in America so much more.

Ben Zelmer

Student Assistant, Athletic Media Relations, Notre Dame, IN

This summer I worked as a student assistant in Athletic Media Relations here at Notre Dame. Much of my work involved organizing and retrieving photos and information from media sources and our athletic department archives related to Notre Dame athletes and teams. The work allowed me to see some of how university athletic departments and media interact and cooperate to fulfill their responsibilities. I also did some side writing for an online college sports website called The website features writing exclusively from college students, and allowed me to practice writing about sports in a journalistic style.


Annie Cassel

Marketing and Communications Intern, Abbey Theatre, Ireland

In my internship, funded through the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies, I was involved in every component, from helping in press cuttings by documenting and filing any press for the Abbey, creating my own marketing plans, directly contacting press writers, attending radio ad recordings and promotional

photo shoots as well as while contributing to the final product. I was also able to assist in the preparation for and night of production premieres, brainstorming new outlets for the Development department in America, event planning, Abbey tourism research, and working in the immense Abbey archives.

Kristen Durbin

Terry Reilly Health Services, Nampa, ID

I participated in Notre Dame’s Summer Service Learning Program in which was a volunteer/intern at Terry Reilly Health Services in Nampa, Idaho. TRHS is a network of 6 community health clinics located throughout the Boise area, and I spent 8 weeks working at 5 of these clinics (primarily the Nampa clinic) in various capacities. My main project involved updating the immunization records of about 400 TRHS patients, but each day I spent a majority of my time shadowing different clinicians during their daily rounds.

Gavin Do

Intern, Clinton Foundation, William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

I was hired by the Clinton Foundation, which works with the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, which is run by the government organization the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). My position was an Intern. The main project that I spent my summer working on was The Presidential Timeline in which I constantly had to incorporate research skills during my work.

Casey Easley

Halston (fashion), New York, NY

While in New York, I researched specialty boutiques and stores throughout the world and compared the brands they carried to stores in the U.S. Being that Roy Halston was the first major American fashion designer, it was our job to learn about the history of the company and how the styles that made the brand famous in the 1970s are still essential to the company's success today.

Paige Gesicki

Hope House in Dover, New Jersey

With Hope House, a Catholic Charities organization, I was served as an intern, teaching English classes to Spanish women, sitting in on behavioral service therapy sessions and Intensive Outpatient group sessions, and administrative work in the main office. I learned a lot about immigration services and the simple, especially the everyday struggles encountered by Mexican and Colombian immigrants.

Kelly Gibson

Vidya Sagar School, Chennai, India

I went to Chennai through the International Summer Service Learning Program at the Center for Social Concerns. I worked mostly as an assistant teacher in the school, which was for students with disabilities. My summer culminated in a photojournalism project that I have entered into the DIGNITY project for Amnesty International. It may seem contradictory for an American Studies major to go abroad, but my American Studies background was indispensable in India. I used many of the skills I learned in the journalism classes I have taken through American Studies in the interviewing, research, and writing process of my final photojournalism project. Most importantly, experiencing a different culture gave me a much greater understanding of American culture, and this firsthand experience was the perfect supplement to my American Studies classes.

Betty Graham:

Boys and Girls Club, Cincinnati, OH

I did a Summer Service Learning Program and was placed in Cincinnati at a Boys and Girls Club. I led a number of different educational activities while also just playing and having fun with all the kids. I was technically a volunteer and it was incredible.

Edie Graham

Research Assistant, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL

I worked as an intern in Dr. Randolph Elble's breast cancer research lab. I worked on cell culture as well as experiments testing tumor growth and death. By applying my background in American Studies, I learned important researching skills including the use of journal articles as sources and data analysis.

Amanda Gray:

Communications Intern, Newberry Library, Chicago, IL

While at the Newberry, I had the experience of a non-profit marketing and communications office. I wrote press releases, put together a media database, researched a timeline in the archives for the 125

th anniversary and assisted with public events both at the Newberry and with other organizations - all while exploring the city of Chicago. My skills of critical writing, reading and research garnered through time spent in the American studies classroom helped me balance the large amounts of work I was given, as well as gave me the skills to create sound, educated pieces of writing and research.

Kathryn Greenfield:

United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Washington, DC

I spent the majority of my summer researching past legislation and how the effects it had on the intended population. I also spent a great deal of time looking to see if there was overlap in appropriations measures for various pieces of legislation.

Chris Herlihy

Camp Coordinator, YMCA Greater D.C. Metro Area, Washington, DC

Running a field trip-based summer camp, I took 15 to 25 kids aged 6 to 9 to different museums, parks, zoos, and such around D.C. It was a very challenging experience, but it helped me grow as a person and as an American Studies Major. I observed the play habits of these American kids and came to a better understanding of recreational interaction amongst youth in America.

Amy Holsinger:

Marketing Intern, Digitas, Chicago, IL

Digitas is a fully-integrated advertising agency with digital at the core. I worked on the KitchenAid team, so I spent a lot of time learning how big, iconic brands think and interact with their consumers. I also worked with a team of three other interns to create a marketing campaign and design an interactive app for the Morton Arboretum. I found myself really drawn to the account planning field, which focuses on drawing creative insights out of dense consumer research. I shadowed a senior planner as he worked on developing insights for the MillerCoors business, specifically for the Sparks and Fosters beer accounts.

Barbara Johnson

Curatorial Intern, The Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Through this internship, I analyzed archival materials and cataloged two collections of 19th-century Western art, including a collection of Indian art by George Catlin. I also researched and composed summary records of these collections for the Huntington Digital Library online.

Olivia Lee

Intern, Redeemer Radio, Fort Wayne, IN

During my internship, I assisted with many of their communications (i.e. writing press releases, communicating with donors), as well as writing on-air underwriting announcements and advertisements

for sponsors. This incorporated using my American Studies skills of keeping the audience in mind while creatively expressing the sponsors' message.

Molly Madden:

DRAFTFCB, MillerCoors Account Management, Chicago, IL

As an account management intern, I did a lot of brainstorming, research, a case study, and a retail analysis which required me to go to several different markets and interview retailers about the current beer business and try and identify any areas of opportunity for MillerCoors.

Annie McKeon

All Girls Allowed, Boston, MA

I was an intern at a non-profit in Boston called All Girls Allowed which works to end the issue of gendercide in China as a result of the nation’s One-Child Policy. At All Girls Allowed I was given a broad range of tasks, including fundraising for a major event, researching five different UN organizations and their annual reports, calling the offices of Congressmen/women to collect staffer information, surveying the general public, compiling bibliographical information for numerous texts, networking with the Archdiocese of Boston, and leading an info session for middle- and high school aged visitors. I also had to write reports on these projects and present my progress to our team on a weekly basis.

Maisy O’Malley

Intern, Newberry Library, Chicago, IL

I was a research assistant on the Burnham Project, a web-based and image-driven exploration of Daniel Burnham’s Plan of Chicago and its modern-day effects. The work I did gave me experience as a researcher, which I will be able to use while working on my senior thesis.

Colin O’Neill

Intern, Downtown Chapel Roman Catholic Parish, Portland, OR

During my eight weeks in Portland, I had the opportunity to serve alongside some of the most marginalized populations of Northwestern Oregon. Sponsored by the Center for Social Concerns’ Summer Service Learning Program, I learned firsthand about the joys and challenges nonprofit administration, while helping to coordinate volunteer activities and services for the DTC guests.

Becca Page

Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, IN

With Ave Maria press, I worked as a marketing intern, helping in the production process of marketing materials by creating instructions documents. I learned how to find relevant information on the AMP system and the workings of a production process of a marketing department.

Linda Scheiber

Mentor-in-Faith, Notre Dame Vision, Notre Dame, IN

With ND Vision, I led small groups of high school students through the week-long conference, the theme of which was discovering God's call. This experience incorporated discussion skills that I learned in class.

Toledo Zoo, Toledo, OH

At the Toledo Zoo, I worked with the Park Operations department, mainly with special events, doing things like greeting guests at weddings and concerts held at the zoo.

Mia Stenger:

Flesihman-Hillard, New York, NY

As a corporate intern, the major projects I completed during my three month internship mostly concerned dissecting news reports and information and synthesizing them into reports for clients. I would update them at 5 times each day so it was really important to be able to read all the top tier news sources at a

quick pace. I also contributed to several group think tanks on how to create promotional events and campaigns for clients. All in all, my American Studies classes and background really helped with being able to interpret information/stories, and beyond that, being able to understand what mattered to an audience and how to cater to that -- being able to tell what was important to a group or consumer.

Kelly Taylor:

Production Assistant, WNDU, South Bend, IN

Through my internship, I aided producers with daily newscasts, answered phones, responded to viewer comments, ran teleprompter, organized scripts, used writing skills I have acquired in AMST to rewrite all broadcast stories and post them on the web. In addition I further honed general media skills relating to new age media/journalism found in AMST major.

Kieran Wasserman:

Volunteer, Castle Museum of Saginaw County History, Saginaw, MI

This internship gave me the opportunity to do extensive research on the history of coal mining in the Saginaw Valley and in the process was exposed to new sources of information and new researching methods. I also honed my ability to express information fluidly and concisely by preparing summaries of my research to be used in the making of a new museum exhibit.

Ben Zelmer

Collections Conservation Department, Notre Dame, IN

Student Assistant/Librarian, University of Notre Dame Marching Band

During my time in Hesburgh Library, I did hands-on work mending damaged pamphlets and constructing enclosures for fragile pieces. At the band building, I took inventory of university-owned instruments, copied and organized sheet music, and performed any other needed tasks for the band office.


Denise Baron

Mayoral Intern, South Bend, IN

As an intern at the Mayor's Office, I learned an incredible amount about the day-to-day function of a municipal government, while also coming to a greater understanding and respect of the city that I've now come to call home. This internship gave me diverse and challenging experiences in press relations, public awareness campaigns, and special events, among other elements of local government. Importantly, this internship also gave me a solid foundation in government and politics, preparing me for my current job with a US Congressman.

Amanda Bremer

Buffalo News, Buffalo, NY

Last summer I worked as an intern, writing articles for the newspaper, as well as working online with blogs, video, and other forms of multimedia news.

Lauren Demeter

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC

At the Wilson International Center for Scholars, there is a United States Studies program that has a few interns each semester. It's unpaid and part-time, but there's a very direct correspondence between the issues covered in the major and at the Center. There's also a plethora of scholars and connections to be made for anyone there.

Katherine Donlin

United States Capitol Historical Society, Washington DC

Working at the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, I served as assistant to the marketing director and helped coordinate events, design and distribute advertising, and manage social media accounts.

Matt Gamber

Target Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

As a Summer Business Analyst, I worked in groups with other interns and full-time employees to complete corporate projects that Target's management team had deemed important for further development.

Jordan Gamble

South Bend Tribune, South Bend, IN

As part of my internship studies through the Gallivan Program in journalism, Ethics and Democracy, I served as a reporting intern at South Bend’s daily newspaper.

Glynnis Garry

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Formulate a heart transplant solution using an agent identified by my lab that increases the viability of donor organs between removal and transplant.

Amanda Gray

Hoosier State Press Association, Eugene S. Pulliam Internship Program

I interned with the Hoosier State Press Association Eugene S. Pulliam Internship Program. Through the program, I worked at the La Porte Herald Argus in La Porte, Indiana for 10 weeks, acting as a full time reporter and photographer. The experience was useful because I was finally writing outside of an academic setting - giving me valuable real world knowledge of the craft or journalism.

Lauren McCallick

Children’s Defense Fund, Washington, DC

I worked for the Children’s Defense Fund when I studied in DC for a semester. I was a health policy intern with CDF, and I prepared research briefs and fact sheets, analyzed legislative and fiscal policies, monitored hearings and briefings on Capitol Hill and represented CDF at advocacy group meetings. The internship was really helpful because I was able to blend my training as an American Studies major with my interest in service. The internship got me interested in public policy and I realized ways that AMST is applicable in the job world.

Sara Mervosh

Toledo Blade, Toledo, OH

I was a full time intern and wrote stories for the paper. This summer internship was arranged through the Gallivan program.

Megan Osterhaut

Worsek and Vihon, LLP

Through this internship, I will be interning as a law clerk in preparation for law school, which I hope to attend after I graduate.

Rebecca Page

Vype Magazine, Wichita, KS

I spent my summer working on a sports magazine and was involved in the production including writing, editing, and design. This internship counted as one credit of special studies in the Gallivan Program

Carrie Powell

Paley Center for Media (formerly the Museum of Television and Radio)

While interning with the Paley center I gained a great deal of insight into the role of non-profit museums and popular culture research methodology. My primary tasks included maintaining the museum’s on-site archive of print materials, beginning the process of digitizing the archive, and answering research inquiries from the public (which ranged from tourists to academics to filmmakers). My work for Research Services directly reinforced my knowledge of archival methodology. In addition, I was able to observe the inner workings of a non-profit museum and the various factors that influenced its function to the public. My internship experience not only provided me with skills applicable to various museum settings, it also introduced me to career opportunities regarding popular culture research, criticism, and production more broadly.

Kaityln Robinson

Claremont Footy Club, Claremont, Western Australia

I served as a public relations representative while organizing mini-camps to help children in Western Australia learn to play footy. I was also in charge of planning events for the team to build relationships with the surrounding communities.

Maura Sullivan

NBC News London Bureau, London, UK

As the NBC intern, I am responsible for transcribing interviews, logging international news feeds, assisting the correspondents and researching and compiling footage for my own news story.

South Shore Living Magazine, Hyannis, MA

As the intern at South Shore Living, I spent my time writing articles about life and events south of Boston, learning the process of magazine planning and layout, and doing some work with photography.

Grace Uniacke

Massey, Quick & Co, LLC in Morristown, NJ

Massey Quick is a wealth management/investment consulting group so through a general internship I learned all about financial services and focusing on client services with high net worth individuals and institutions.


Sarah Carruthers

DePaul Ireland, Dublin Ireland

Over the summer, I worked at a transitional house for homeless women with high support needs coming out of prison. This internship was arranged and funded through the Keough-Naughton Internship Program.

Jordan Gamble

Catholic News Service, Washington, DC

In 2009 my summer internship gave me the opportunity to report and blog at national wire service for Catholic diocesan papers.

Glynnis Garry:

University of Minnesota, Lillehei Heart Institute Summer Scholar, Minneapolis

Through my internship I helped to characterize the growth and activity of heme-oxygenase in sickle cell systems.

Kathryn Greenfield

Marketing Intern, Kemin Industries, Des Moines, Iowa

I first worked with Kemin during 2009 and had the opportunity to return as a marketing intern in the summer of 2010. During my time in Des Moines, I was in charge of fully updating, reformatting, and maintaining a research database. Additionally, I conducted various market research projects, represented Kemin at industry events, and helped find research materials in addition to conducting research for staff scientists. This was a joint internship with the Legal division of the branch, and I worked in great detail with their patent and trademark divisions. My hope is that this internship will help me as I pursue a career in trademark law.

Christine Hjerpe

Alliance for Catholic Education, Notre Dame, IN

At Notre Dame I had a year-long internship with the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE). The internship began in September and ended in May. I was assigned various projects from the Institute for Educational Initiatives and did on campus recruitment with students who were considering joining ACE after graduation.

Lindsey Hough

Slate Magazine, Washington DC

At Slate I edited video footage, posted daily videos, and assisted producers on video shoots and interviews. Throughout the Spring I compiled and sent wire reports, wrote a weekly article for the magazine on the Obama Administration, and blogged for XX Factor.

National Public Radio, Washington, DC

With NPR, I served as the National Desk Intern and Intern Edition Managing Editor. Through my internship I researched potential news pieces with reporters, edited audio clips, and attended daily editorial meetings to pitch story ideas. Additionally, I scheduled interviews for reporters and acted as an engineer in the production room. Acting as Managing Editor, I produced "Intern Edition Summer 2009", an intern-run multimedia project.

Alekzandra Koryzno

Strauss Radio Strategies, Washington DC

I worked in conjunction with the Account Executives putting together Public Service Announcements, Final Reports as well as any other tasks they needed help in completing.

Jennifer Metz:

ABC News, New York, NY

After working as an intern for CNBC in the summer of 2008, I spent the summer of 2009 working in New York City. Through the Gallivan Program, I served as a production associate and video researcher for ABC World News Weekend.

Meg Mirshak

The South Bend Tribune, South Bend, IN

While working with the South Bend Tribune through the Gallivan Program I served as a staff writer for the news department.

Carrie Powell

Office of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Toledo, OH

Most of my time with Rep. Kaptur was spent helping constituents request assistance from federal agencies and completing research for press releases.

Sarah Rodts

WNDU TV, South Bend, IN

Over the summer I learned how to shoot, edit, and write my own stories. Additionally, I had the chance to work on tasks related to news production.

Maura Sullivan

The Concord Monitor, Concord, New Hampshire

As the newsroom intern at the Monitor, I spent the summer writing stories for the local page, "A" Section, and Sunday section about a variety of topics--from the passing of the NH gay marriage bill to the local crew team. NBC News London Bureau, London, UK As the NBC intern, I am responsible for transcribing interviews, logging international news feeds, assisting the correspondents, and researching and compiling footage for my own news story. Summer 2010: South Shore Living Magazine, Hyannis, MA. As the intern at South Shore Living, I will be writing articles about life and events south of Boston, learning the process of planning and laying out a magazine, and doing some photography.

Leslie Shumate

Fox News Channel, New York, NY

I worked in the Weekend Booking Department, booking guests for the weekend shows. I also had the opportunity to shadow writers, anchors, and producers.

Mariel Synan

Anker Productions, New York, NY

I worked as an unpaid intern, doing pre-production research and post-production work on two films (one about the Freedom Writers in Long Beach, CA and one about music at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago) for an independent documentary film company in New York.