• Laurel Daen

    One of the things that I love about American Studies is that it encourages us to notice the incredible transformations that have taken place in American history and culture over time. These changes have not always been positive; their consequences have often been unclear; they have almost always been contested. But recognizing change in the past reminds us that change in the present is possible. Learning about how people have transformed their communities and the nation equips us with the tools to make positive change today.

    Laurel Daen Welcome Assistant Professor in American Studies
  • Katherine

    American Studies offers a rich interdisciplinary space to take up questions around identity, power, and representation. Exploring how these intersections have manifested in particular cultural domains and historical moments can enrich our understanding of how the past continues to shape the present. American Studies’ commitment to interrogating dominant narratives and structures of power equips us to imagine and work toward more just and equitable communities and nation.

    Katherine "Katie" Walden Welcome Teaching Professor in American Studies
  • Pete Cajka

    American Studies is full of creativity and interdisciplinarity. Our discipline grants us the freedom to ask a wide range of questions about a truly expansive set of sources. In a broad sense, as a community of researchers, we are driven by a question of how to study America (a contested term) and all of its contradictions. I find this endeavor to be profoundly intellectually engaging. What brings the likes of Anne Hutchinson, Frederick Douglas, William James, and Betty Friedan together? How do we weigh visions for freedom with the harsh realities of American life? These are the questions that drive scholars of American Studies.

    Pete Cajka Welcome Director of Undergraduate Studies in American Studies

If our lives in education have any significance, it will be in our reading the signs of the times and in educating the young of our times in the visions and values that will civilize and make for reasonable human progress and lasting peace on earth.

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C.