"How tolerant can religious believers really be?"


Location: Coleman Morse First Floor Lounge

It’s good to be tolerant of others’ religious views, right? Not only does it seem like the morally enlightened thing to do, but also helps keep peace in a diverse society like ours. But it looks like certain religious believers are forced to deny that tolerance of other religions is valuable. Christianity, for instance, claims that there is only one truth and one right way to live; and Christians are called to make disciples of non-believers, not sit back and let non-believers continue in their mistaken beliefs and lives of sin. Can members of exclusivist religions like this be genuine and coherent in tolerating non-believers? 

We will discuss these questions at this semster’s "Food for Thought," a dinner and discussion series open to undergraduates. Over a free catered dinner, participants will listen to Anne Jeffery, a postdoc at Notre Dame, give a brief talk about tolerance and exclusivism. Then, they will discuss the talk with their peers, and follow up with Anne in a Q & A session. The event will take place in the first floor lounge of Co-Mo (rm 104) at 6:30pm on Thursday, Feb 25th.

RSVP on facebook or email ejackso9@nd.edu if you would like to attend.

More information about the Food for Thought Lecture Series: http://philreligion.nd.edu/calendar/food-for-thought.