Peace Meal Lunch Discussion: Environmental Challenges to Peace


Location: Geddes Hall Coffee House (View on

October 6th’s lunch will feature Patrick Regan, Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies and Associate Director of the Environmental Change Initiative, to lead a discussion on environmental challenges to peace.

His primary research has focused on the role of external actors in managing armed conflict. He studies how interventions shape conflict, paying particular attention to the interaction between military interventions and diplomatic mediation in civil wars. Regan is also exploring the conditions under which water scarcity driven by climate changes influences the likelihood of observing armed conflict. A key part of this research involves the role of social adaptation to the climate stressors.Regan was recently a visiting scholar at China’s Sichuan University’s Center on Ecology, Environment and Sustainability and a Fulbright research fellow at the Peace Research Institute of Oslo, Norway. He was also the 2013 president of the Peace Science Society.

Lunch will be served. Sponsored by the Center for Social Concerns.

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