Politics of dignity: Whose dignity counts, and who decides?


Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium


Dignity is an important component of conversations on ethics, morals, and law, but whose dignity is being discussed? Why do we invoke dignity in human rights and sexuality, politics and personal practices? What should we be suspicious of in dignitarian debates, and which aspects of dignity discourses are worth embracing? Join us for a moderated panel discussion on the power dynamics that shape the concept of human dignity.

This event is presented by Contending Modernities and The Center for Civil and Human Rights.


Ebrahim Moosa

Professor of Islamic Studies
Co-Director, Contending Modernities


Doug Cassel

Notre Dame Presidential Fellow
Professor of Law


Atalia Omer

Associate Professor of Religion, Conflict, and Peace Studies
Co-Director, Contending Modernities


Charles Villa Vicencio

Professor of Religion and Society
at the University of Cape Town



Originally published at humanrights.nd.edu.