Faith and the Presidency: Perspectives from the Evangelical Christian Community


Location: Zoom Webinar

White House

As the 2020 US elections approach, the electorate is overwhelmingly polarized, even within members of the same faith communities. Our democracy is being tested not by our disagreements, but by how we manage them. Can we listen to each other with empathy despite our deep disagreements?

Join us for a panel discussion featuring three pastors from the born-again, evangelical Christian community, who will speak on big issues with political and moral implications—everything from inequality and climate change to immigration, abortion, and racism.

This discussion, co-sponsored by the University of Notre Dame's Department of American Studies and Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy, will explore the complexity and diversity of contemporary evangelical Christian movements in the United States in an atmosphere of civil and respectful dialogue.

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John Onwuchekwa

John Onwuchekwa
Cornerstone Church

A native of Houston, Onwuchekwa was born into a Nigerian home where the gospel was cherished deeply and modeled excellently. After graduating from college, he studied at Dallas Theological Seminary.

He has served at churches in both Texas and Georgia and in 2015 moved into the Historic West End to help plant Cornerstone Church with his best friends.


Becky Fischer

Becky Fischer
Founder and Director
Kids in Ministry International

Becky Fischer is the founder and director of Kids in Ministry International (KIMI). KIMI is a multifaceted ministry that trains children to walk in the supernatural power of God. 

Fischer served as a children’s pastor for ten years prior to starting KIMI. She has trained thousands of children, teens, parents, and children’s workers. 


Mike Cramer

Mike Cramer
Senior Pastor
New Life Church

Mike Cramer is the senior pastor of New Life Church in Osceola, Indiana. His emphasis on positive faith encourages believers and builds a bridge to those exploring the Christian faith. 

Cramer impacts leaders in the faith, business, and athletic communities with his positive approach to Biblical preaching, motivational speaking, inspirational books, and radio broadcast. 




Charles Powell

Charles Powell
Affiliated Faculty Member at the Ansari Institute
Adjunct Professor of Muslim-Christian Dialogue
Holy Cross College (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Charles W. Powell, a practical theologian, earned his Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry degree at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He specializes in interreligious dialogue between Christians and Muslims. Powell travels extensively throughout the Middle East and Europe engaging in conversations with Muslim scholars and practitioners of Islam in order to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Islamic milieu. 


This event will be held via Zoom Webinar, and registration is required.

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