Nadia Kim “‘Our Community Has Boundaries’: LA’s Immigrant Women Activists on Embodiment, Race, Class, and Morality”


Location: Virtual Meeting

In global cities today, immigrants of color suffer hyper-pollution, asthma and cancer due to their residence near diesel-spewing shipping ports, freeways, and rail yards. Their resistance movements are dynamic, but aren’t widely noticed. In this talk, Nadia Kim describes how Asian and Latina immigrant women organize for environmental justice in Los Angeles and redefine racism and classism as a result.

Nadia Y. Kim is a professor of Sociology and Asian & Asian American Studies at Loyola Marymount University. Her research focuses on US race and citizenship inequalities regarding Korean/Asian Americans and South Korean, race and nativist racism in Los Angeles, immigrant women activists, environmental racism and classism, and comparative racialization of Latinxs, Asian Americans, and Black Americans.

Professor Kim's lecture is part of the Liu Institute series Asian (Re)Visions of Nation, State, and Citizenship lecture series that invites scholars from multiple disciplines to examine how diverse populations in Asia are remaking discourses and practices of nation, state, and citizenship, with consequences for people in Asia and around the globe.

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