Lecture: Living in Data


Location: 107 Hesburgh Library, Carey Auditorium

To live in data is to be incessantly extracted from, to be classified and categorized, statisti-fied, sold and surveilled. Data (our data) is mined and processed for profit, power and political gain. Our clicks and likes and footsteps feed new digital methods of control.

In this talk, Jer Thorp will propose a variety of answers to a crucial question of our time: how do we stop passively inhabiting data, and become active citizens of it?

Presented by:
Jer Thorp, artist, writer and teacher

Open to Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Postdocs, Faculty, Staff, Public, Alumni, & Friends.



Sponsored by

The Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship, the Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society, and the Department of American Studies.