Combs Lecture Series Presents: Melissa Kearney, University of Maryland


Location: Carey Auditorium, Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame

Melissa S. Kearney, University of Maryland

Melissa Kearney's discussion of her book, The Two-Parent Privilege, How Americans Stopped Getting Married and Started Falling Behind



Economist Melissa Kearney makes a data-driven, research-based argument in favor of marriage as a crucial tool to reverse the great economic disparities found today in the United States. Drawing upon decades of research (including her own), Kearney shows clearly that a decline in marriage rates has also meant a decline in prosperity for American men, women, and children. If we can, as a society, work to strengthen families and increase rates of marriage, especially between adults who have children together, not for moral or religious reasons but for economic ones, she argues, we can improve the lives of families across the nation.


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