American Studies Alum Contributes to Recently Published Mapping Exhibit

Author: Sarah Morris

Aubrey Butts (AMST '14) recently had her work selected for Northeastern University's Public History of Slavery project. Aubrey is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public History at Northeastern University, home of one of the oldest Public History programs in North America. As part of her course entitled "Public History of Slavery," Aubrey was assigned to research and present one of the many stories of slavery in New England in a way that would engage and educate a wide audience. The best work was selected to be published and featured on the Boston Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project website, including Aubrey's interactive map using Omeka's Neatline that leads viewers through the life of Phillis Wheatley up until the publiation of her first volume of poems. Aubrey's project can be viewed at