American Studies and Journalism Journal "Americana" Seeking Papers

Author: Ragan Sernel

Call for Papers – Americana


Americana is the annual online and print academic journal from the Department of American Studies.


  • Deadline for submissions: Friday, January 15, 2021
  • Submit as an email attachment:
  • Email submission subject line: YOURLASTNAME_Americana_Submission


Papers and projects can come from your AMST or JED coursework, or they can be research conducted outside of class, but all submissions should be from the fields of AMST or JED, broadly considered. Our journal features four genres (articles, essays, theses, and multimedia) to engage a variety of readers. Articles are short submissions that can be relatively informal and should address and research a topic of general interest. Essays are longer, more scholarly submissions that should deeply research a topic with nuance for an academic audience. Senior theses must come from the AMST senior thesis program and must have a faculty member advisor. Multimedia projects should strategically use their chosen form of media to communicate their research.


If you are a former AMST or JED student (and an alumnus of the University of Notre Dame) and have a paper or project you would like us to consider for our featured retrospective piece, please contact Julianne Downing by email:   


Submitted papers or projects should never have been previously published in full or in part, and submitted papers should not be submitted for consideration to any journal other than Americana.


  • Authors must be current students at the University of Notre Dame, and be American Studies majors and/or Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy minors
  • Written papers must meet corresponding length requirements
    • Articles – less than 1500 words
    • Essays – 2000-5000 words
    • Senior thesis distillations - less than 5000 words
  • Written papers must be submitted as MS Word documents
  • Written papers must be font size 12, Times New Roman, with one-inch margins
  • Written papers should use the following citation format
    • References must be included at the end of the paper in a section clearly labeled “References”
    • In-text citations should simply be numbered chronologically in the text.
      • Single reference example: (1) 
      • Multiple reference example: (1,2)
    • References should follow the format that would be used in a Chicago MOS bibliography, and be in numbered order according to your in-text citation
  • Multimedia projects must be able to be included in the online publication of the journal (i.e. images, poetry, podcasts, videos, songs, etc.)
    • We have refrained from creating guidelines and requirements to encourage your creativity! Please feel free to submit any multimedia or creative projects, and our editorial team will exercise discretion in selecting projects for publication.