AMST Alum Produces Hurricane Katrina Video Series

Author: Sarah Morris

Mariel Synan (AMST '10) has produced a new video series entitled "I Was There: Hurricane Katrina," to commemorate the tenth anniversary with a powerful reminder of how life can change in an instant, and to document the inspiring and hopeful stories of resilience and faith and heroism and love that emerge out of such harrowing events. The complete list of episodes is found below, along with links for viewing. H2 and The History Channel will also be airing some 2-minute cutdowns next weekend on Hurricane Katrina's anniversary.

10 Years Later (trailer for the series)
Defender of the American Can (John Keller, a badass former recon Marine, who saved 244 building from his apartment building)
Rooftop Rider (Robert Green, the "ambassador" of the Lower Ninth Ward, who went floating up the street with his entire family when the floodwaters lifted his house off its foundation)
Heroes of Charity (Dr. B and Henrietta, a nursing supervisor, were part of the staff at Charity Hospital that fought to keep patients alive for several days while they waited to be rescued)
Rescue Swimmer ("Noodles," a Coast Guard rescue swimmer who was one of the first on scene and spent days rescuing people off rooftops and bringing them to safety)
Superdome Survivor (Shelton, a poet who was featured in Spike Lee's "When the Levees Broke" reads a poem he wrote for the series and talks about his time in and escape from the Superdome
Divine Intervention (Brother Ronald, the principal of a boarding school in Bay St. Louis, MS, saved Angie and her family when they were trapped in a kitchen that was flooding with no escape)