April 11-15 is Worker Appreciation Week

Author: Rebecca Corrente

April 11-15 is Worker Appreciation Week, a week dedicated to fueling conversation about workers' rights and to fostering connections between students and ND workers.  The flyer below details the schedule of events for the week, events which will include campus workers and will offer the chance for students to get to know our workers better.

If you or your organization has any questions about Worker Appreciation Week, Progressive Student Alliance, or worker-related issues in general, feel free to contact Hannah Petersen or visit the Progressive Student Alliance website here. Notre Dame is a place where people of all interests can come together and become a force of good, and Worker Appreciation Week gives students an opportunity to form relationships, start dialogue, and ultimately make a change in the work environment at ND that will change workers' lives for the better.  Remember: ND workers' rights are human rights!