Electing the President 2016: Time for a Change?

Author: Rebecca Corrente

Published: July 5, 2016
Author: Robert Schmuhl ’70

Editor’s note: Head of state, chief diplomat, commander-in-chief, guardian of the economy – Americans are fixing to elect another president, so we asked Notre Dame’s in-house pundit to put the moment, the issues, the candidates and the choices in context and perspective. Bob Schmuhl’s commentary on American politics and journalism frequently appears in major news outlets from theBoston Globe to the BBC to Irish public radio. His exclusive commentary on the 2016 presidential election will run on magazine.nd.edu every two weeks.

While the seemingly unavoidable sound and fury of White House candidates provides daily, if not hourly, storylines for the media, larger historical forces also animate this year’s presidential campaign — and create their own drama.

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