Notre Dame Day Giving is Now Open!

Author: Nora Mulligan

Notre Dame DayNotre Dame Day

The University of Notre Dame's American Studies Department is honored to share with our gracious community the opportunity to donate to our department during this year's Notre Dame Day 2022. All proceeds from your generosity will be put towards the heart of our program, the students, to continue providing them with a valuable, memorable, and fulfilling academic experience.

Here in American Studies, we take pride in preparing our students for whatever their future career goals may be. Whether that is in the public or private sector, the teaching profession or corporate America, the arts or technical fields, our graduates can do it all.  

Notre Dame American Studies graduates are well represented in a wide variety of careers. There isn’t a single path; instead, we prepare students for success in whatever path they choose. For this reason, our alumni can be found all over the United States—and the world—working as doctors, attorneys, CEOs, account executives, arts administrators, teachers, public policy analysts, and in many other jobs that are personally gratifying and serve the common good.

We would like to thank you so much for your support! If you would like to make a gift to our department, visit our page on the Notre Dame Day website