Senior Award Nominations Due April 1st

Author: Nora Mulligan

Amst Senior Awards 2022Amst Senior Awards 2022

Nominations for the two American Studies Senior Awards are due next Friday, April 1st. Please see their descriptions below and more details on how to apply.


The J. Sinnott Meyers Award for Outstanding Service to the Community: $500.00 Prize

J. Sinnott Meyers was to have graduated from Notre Dame in the spring of 1920. Unfortunately, he died in February of that year. Alonzo and Helen Meyers of Paducah, Kentucky, established the J. Sinnott Meyers "Burse" in memory of their beloved son. The Meyers Award is given for outstanding service to the community here at Notre Dame and beyond (i.e., local, state, and national levels of service).

This award is available to an American Studies Senior major. Letter of nomination needed from faculty member, fellow student, or in the form of a self-nomination, along with a resume.

The Professor James Withey Award for Notable Achievement in Writing: $500.00 Prize

The Professor James Withey Award is given for notable achievement in writing. The department conducts a writing contest for seniors in honor of a legendary teacher of writing at Notre Dame. According to Thomas Stritch, a long-time professor at Notre Dame and a former student of Withey, "Withey was the best teacher I ever saw in action. He was not a prophet, like Frank O'Malley or Joe Evans, and he would not let a coterie or cult develop around him. He taught as a charity, God's work, and while he had the strongest likes and dislikes I ever saw, he gave each student his money's worth."

This award is available to an American Studies Senior major. The committee will accept academic papers submitted only for courses that count for the major (Inside or Outside class). Seniors may submit two papers for consideration: one paper 10 pages or less (minimum of five pages), and one paper 10 pages or more (25 pages max). No journalism papers or senior thesis chapters accepted. Names should be left off of paper submissions.


Nominations are due Friday, April 1,2022 Submit a your nomination using the attached Google Form.

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