Tuesday April 20, 2022: American Studies Senior Thesis Presentations

Author: Gannat Mukhtar

AMST Senior Thesis PresentationsAMST Senior Thesis Presentations

We graciously invite you to join us in in viewing the American Studies Class of 2022 Senior Theses Presentations

The following are the panel topics of the presentations as well as the seniors presenting per each panel:

Panel 1 The American Empire

Julianne Downing

Lily Strailey

Fiona McMahon

Panel 2 Dangerous Narratives

Cate Cappelmann

Bridget Kelley

Hailey Oppenlander

Panel 3 Food Politics and Identity Formation

Maura Kostelni

Grace Scheidler

Katherine Machado

Each of these seniors dedicated a substantial amount of time and effort into producing their theses, as well as did their advisors and readers in providing support throughout their writing trajectory. We are sincerely thankful of our staff, and incredibly proud of our seniors. We are looking forward to their presentations.