Class of 2022 Senior Theses

Senior Writer: Julianne Downing

Thesis Topic: "When the War on Terror Became the War for Women"

Advisor: Peter Cajka

Readers: Perin Gurel, Michael Rea, Garrett FitzGerald


Senior Writer: Lily Strailey

Thesis Topic: "Peace, Love, and Colonizations: American Hippies' Dual Imagination"

Advisor: Peter Cajka

Reader: La Donna Forsgren


Senior Writer: Fiona McMahon

Thesis Topic: "Riots: The Study of Political Participation, Police Force, and Elections in Chicago, August 1968 and D.C., January 2021

Advisor: Perin Gurel

Reader: Peter Cajka


Senior Writer: Cate Cappelmann

Thesis Topic: "The Idea of Greatness: American Battles over the Western Canon"

Advisor: Korey Garibaldi 

Reader: Peter Cajka


Senior Writer: Bridget Kelley

Thesis Topic: "Podcasts and the Production of History: The Rememory of Silenced American Narratives in the Aural Medium"

Advisor: Perin Gurel

Reader: Jason Ruiz


Senior Writer: Hailey Oppenlander

Thesis Topic: "He puts himself in a box in a tongue-in-cheek way": Lil Nas X & Disidentification in Music Video & Social Media Performance

Advisor: Peter Cajka

Reader: Jason Ruiz


Senior Writer: Maura Kostelni

Thesis Topic: "The Panic Pot: Shared Pasts and Presents of Filipino Food"

Advisor: Jennifer Huynh

Reader: Korey Garibaldi


Senior Writer: Grace Scheidler

Thesis Topic: "What's for Lunch? A Cultural-Political History of the National School Lunch Program"

Advisor: Korey Garibaldi

Reader: Joshua Specht


Senior Writer: Katherine Machado

Thesis Topic: "Faith is Caught More Than It's Taught" Examining the Role of Faith-Based Education in Adolescent Religious Identity Formation

Advisor: Peter Cajka

Reader: Dan Lapsley