Student Opportunities

Our majors not only have access to a wide range of career opportunities, but also numerous research, internship, and fellowship opportunities as undergraduates.

American Studies students take advantage of a multitude of grants, internships, and fellowships that enhance the undergraduate experience by empowering students to develop themselves and their studies outside of the classroom.

Many of them expand their learning and life experience with opportunities all over the world.


"Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing." -Steve Jobs 


Maria Lally 1

Maria Lally - Iceland

I studied abroad in Iceland through a program called The Green Program. 

I went for 8 days over winter break on a program for Renewable Energy and Sustainability. I took classes at Reykjavik University, went on tours of renewable energy facilities, and hiked to hot springs and on top of a glacier.

I also developed a group capstone project where we designed a prototype for an environmental education app. My favorite part of the experience was learning alongside other students who are passionate about sustainability, and also having the opportunity to explore Iceland and spend time outdoors!

Studying abroad in Iceland relates to my American Studies major because it inspires me to think about how the United States can adopt some of Iceland's policies and continue working towards a greater reliance on renewable energy.