American Studies Club

The American Studies Club brings together interested students to explore American culture, history, politics and current events. Among other activities, the Club presents lectures, takes field trips in the South Bend and Chicago areas, and provides forums for discussion. By engaging in these excursions and conversations, individuals are able to delve deeper into the topic of what exactly it means to be American.  

While the American Studies Club collaborates with the American Studies Department, it remains a student-run organization, one that is committed to enhancing the experiences of American Studies majors and non-majors alike. The Club's major objectives are to promote professional opportunities for those committed to American Studies as a discipline; provide areas and tools for discussion of current events; create fellowship between students and professors; and open conversation to multiple, previously unheard perspectives. 

The American Studies Club is open to all students at Notre Dame. To join the Club, or for more information on upcoming events, please contact our Club officers at